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Date: Every few months. Enquire Below
Time: 9am – 4pm
Address:  Supplied on registration

Owner Training – The first step to owning your own club

We are training another group of owners of Coaching Culture Clubs on ______________

These owners will facilitate and run their own Coaching Culture Club.

Each Coaching Culture Club will have a unique character of the owner’s choice. There could be an Afrikaans club, an entrepreneur’s club, an engineer’s club, a single mom’s club ….

What would you choose for your club?

Running your own Coaching Culture Club allows you to foster an empowered community where people set and achieve goals, develop new skills and move steadily closer to their own potential. Your need to make a difference in our society is grounded by the ever-expanding success of your own Coaching Culture Club.

You create an environment where you influence many people without having to spend long hours – the structured program is already developed. This gives you the flexibility to offer a structured program as well as the forum to impart your specialized knowledgeand experience to the group.

This structure allows you to reach more people and to make a name for yourself – a name that encompasses leadership, influence and making a difference!

If this sounds like you, Say YES to YOU by owning your very own, unique Coaching Culture Club.

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NOTE: The club owner fee includes:

  • Ownership of a Coaching Culture Club
  • Owner training (plus one partner for free)
  • Training and Branding manual
  • Personal Growth Manual
  • Basic Coaching Skills Manual
  • 3 months membership to Bryanston No 1
  • Owner Kit
    • Letterheads
    • Business card template
    • Brochure and flyer templates
  • Club Banner
  • Details of your club on the Coaching Culture Clubs website
  • Club License fee for 1 year
  • Access to owner area on website (future)

Please speak to us if you are serious about owning a club and are concerned about start-up finances.

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