How do I find a club in my area?

Clubs can be found under the Existing Clubs tab. Please contact the club owner directly for more details about their club.

How do I register?

Registration to Coaching Culture Clubs is done by the club owner of a club. When you visit a club and feel that you are comfortable with the club then the club owner will supply you with a membership application form. Fill out the form and make payment and the club owner will register you with Headquarters directly.

How do I get journals?

Journals are available from the club that you want to join. Upon registration you will receive 2 journals, the Personal Growth Journal and the Basic Coaching Skills Journal. Journals are strictly for use in a Coaching Culture Club. Anyone using the journals without written permission will be in violation of the Coaching Culture Club copyrights and may be liable for prosecution.

What are the club membership fees?

Club fees are determined by the club owners and different clubs have different monthly membership fees dependent on factors like venue and catering costs. Note that some clubs may offer different packages and services. For example a club may offer a meal during their club meetings, and this will be included in the monthly membership fee.

How big are clubs?

Clubs vary in size, some facilitators prefer smaller focused groups while other facilitators prefer more people and larger groups. However clubs are not usually bigger than 12 – 15 people. This is an optimum size and will accommodate members easily.

How does membership work?

Once you join a Coaching Culture Club you will be regiatered with Headquarters, you receive your 2 manuals and can begin to work within the group. Membership monthly fees are payable directly to the club owner.

Why are clubs different?

Clubs are different and unique and people are attracted to different club themes or facilitators. We celebrate and encourage clubs to develop a unique sense of identity and fellowship.

Can members be sponsored?

Yes, any person or organization may sponsor a member/s. Clubs may even be sponsored by any individual or organization.


Why a Coaching Culture Club in a company?

Developing a culture of coaching will only be of benefit for any company. A coaching culture is one of developing accountability and responsibility. Having this culture will create employees that are competent and confident.

How does this program work?

The corporate offering works differently from a community club. Although the corporate may run the program continuously as a community club, the outcome of the program needs to be specific and focused. Generally the program is run in the corporate as a training or people development program. Programs may be uniquely developed with the company to achieved a desired outcome or generally to assist employees to grow in accountability and responsibility.

The program will be based on a 3, 6 or 12 month offering, depending on the desired outcome.

Will this program fit in our organization?

Personal growth and professional skills development is essential for any organization to grow and develop their employees. If it is teaching employees skills like coaching or interpersonal communication skills then this is a program that will fit in your organization.

Who do we contact for an introductory meeting?

If you have not spoken to a Coaching Culture Club owner or trained facilitator then contact Head Office by filling in the form on the Corporate Clubs page. We will be glad to set up a meeting with you.

Owning a Club

How do I know I am able to start a club?

Anyone can start and own a club. Trained professionals and life coaches already in the field will require less training, but facilitator training is given when you purchase the licence to operate a club.

How do I go about buying a club?

Contact Head office by filling in the form on the Start a Clubpage.  Sending a brief CV will help the process as well. We will contact you to set up a meeting. This may be face to face or via Skype.

Do I need to be a life coach to buy a club?

No, relevant training is given to everyone. However professionally trained coaches may require less training from us.

What training would I require?

Training given by us includes:

  • How to facilitate the club process
  • How to handle and treat club members
  • How to build your club
  • How to manage your club
  • How to develop coaching skills

Training is given to become a club facilitator. If you wish to become a certified life coach then you will need to take the Coaching Culture Clubs certified coaching program.

What are the costs involved?

Fill in the form on the Start a Club page to request details.

Do we get specific areas as a club?

Club members and facilitators attract different people and may be different themed. Therefore a specific area concept is not  applicable for our model. A few different clubs could meet at the same venue at different times because they will attract different people needing different club intentions or visions.

Will Coaching Culture Clubs work in community service clubs and schools?

Of course, clubs will work in any environment because of the unique way the model has been set up. Club owners can charge any fee they wish. There is a minimum monthly fee per member and a community club or school may only charge this basic fee. Club members may also be sponsored.