The idea of clubs of people working together on personal growth and learning coaching skills played around in Michael’s mind for a few months. He was so excited about the idea that he had many a sleepless night trying to figure out how it could work.

Finally, in the middle of 2015,  he approached Kirsten with the idea . They decided to become partners and work together on launching Coaching Culture Clubs.

The two of them immediately started writing programs that members would work through. The first two programs that will be used in Coaching Culture Clubs are the Personal Growth Journal and the Basic Coaching Skills Journal. Kirsten and Michael, having both worked as Life Coaches for a number of years, firmly believe that basic coaching skills are of benefit to all people and will go a long way to strengthening relationships – and this ultimately leads to greater success. Subsequently, other manuals have also been developed.

To test their idea, a group of people were invited to participate in a trial for three months. 10 people participated and great fun was had by all.

Some comments from the group:

I have become more aware of skills I have, can & should use more regularly. I seriously believe that if I had access to something like this years ago my life would have been different.

Brilliant, the variety….. The first exercise made me think about listening in a way I never had before. I loved the 20-30 minute exercise – I did it for an hour.

Due to the structure of the assignments and the fact that we had to present back on them, I was able to write down the ideas and think about them. The fact that we had to write things down also helped a great deal.

Awareness of listening as opposed to thinking about what I am going to say has helped a lot. I am not sure if it is a skill but being part of the group and listening to others and getting feedback has shown me that I am too hard on myself.

The accountability provided by presenting to the club helped me to work through the assignments.

The program helped me to re-establish and align my goals.

There are two ways that you can become involved.

Join a club. Here you will work on your own development, receive coaching from the group, and support others on their journey.

Start your own business by facilitating groups of your own. You will receive full training and support to help you meet your business goals.

About Michael Coyle

Michael Coyle is a professional Life coach, Life skills Trainer and Personal development Speaker.

He has studied many various modalities and techniques including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life coaching, Life alignment and many others, he is also an advanced public speaker.

Seven years ago he started his own company Michael Coyle Life Enrichment, where he helps people through personal development workshops, training and coaching.

About Kirsten Long

Kirsten Long is passionate about her profession of coaching. She has worked full time as a Coach since November 2005 to date and has over 1500 hours of coaching experience. She is a member of COMENSA (Coaching and Mentoring Association of SA), ICF (International Coaching federation) and Toastmasters (Distinguished Toastmaster).

Kirsten writes a regular column for Glamour magazine. Kirsten has appeared on TV and contributes regularly to various magazines like Cosmopolitan, Longevity, Destiny, Vrouekeur and many others.

Kirsten puts in many hours working with a prisoner rehabilitation program called Heartwork which runs in various prisons in and around Johannesburg.