Our vision is to have many Coaching Culture Clubs throughout SA and beyond. Each club will be run by a trained facilitator and will have up to 15 members max. The members of the club work through structured growth and development programs.

Members receive two workbooks on joining a club: A Personal Growth Journal and a Basic Coaching Skills Journal. These workbooks take you through different tasks and exercises to facilitate personal growth and development of skills. Members work at their own pace on the various programs. Everyone must do the first workbook on Personal Growth. After that they choose from many other programs/ workbooks.

This is a practical program that works on drip-feed education. A member works on a chapter by completing all the tasks. When finished, the member shares with the other members (at a club meeting) – what they have learnt, what the difficulties were, what the successes and insights were. The other members then give constructive feedback, suggestions, affirmations and encouragement. Now the member moves onto the next chapter.

The club members are there to witness the growth, the success and the development of each member.

So Coaching Culture Clubs provide steady, structured, self-paced growth in safe environment.


The personal growth side: being a member of a club

The business side: becoming a facilitator of a club/ clubs

The corporate side: A skills and growth training program